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Six Reasons Why You Can’t Recruit Top Candidates

Have you ever wondered why some companies get great people – but yours can’t?  You’ve hired ‘consultants’ and paid ‘staffing firms’, but turnover and retention are still big issues. It’s costing you a fortune, right?

There must be a reason, but you just can’t seem to figure out what it is.

In my LinkedIn article, you’ll learn about 6 common mistakes that employers make that will keep the best candidates away.   Sometimes it’s really hard to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, and this may help you see better – and fix some of those problems.

Consider this: status quo, not your competition or the labor supply, may be your biggest challenge.   You can fix this.

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Russ Minary is the creator of Brand + People®, a proprietary new process for smarter hiring and employer branding.