Smarter Hiring & Talent Management

Hiring great people who perform well and love their jobs is critical to the success of any business.  It’s also one of the most challenging things you’ll do as an owner, leader or manager of a business.

An intelligent hiring process and assessment tests can provide you with the critical, valid and reliable information you need to make smart decisions about your people.


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a 9-step process for finding and keeping people who are good
at their jobs and love what they do.

This proven process and our assessments will help you hire candidates from outside, and make smarter decisions about placing or promoting current employees into new positions inside of your organization.


Think back for a moment.  Have you ever hired someone:

  • who wasn’t the person you really wanted, even after a series of interviews
    and reference-checks?
  • who became dissatisfied with the position after a short time?
  • who was highly recommended but fell short of expectations?
  • who was not good at the job they were hired to perform?
  • who was so good at their job that you promoted them – into a job where they were not able to perform well?
  • who had character flaws or issues at home that kept them from performing well at work?
  • who just didn’t fit into the corporate or team culture?
  • who looked professional, was “impressive”, seemed like a “nice person” – but was simply the wrong person for the job?
  • who “turned into a different person” or displayed negative attitudes and behavior once they were hired?
  • who was a good at their job but just couldn’t communicate and work well with the rest of the team?

Sound familiar?  If you’ve made one or more of these classic hiring mistakes, you’re not alone. On Purpose can help you put the right person in the right job for the reasons – the first time – with one of the best, most reliable hiring assessment tests available. When a person is carefully selected and well-suited to their job, they’ll perform better, stay longer and require less “motivation” from you.

ProfileXT® (PXT)
The PXT assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization.
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Download our brochure “Building your People Strategy: Creating a Succession Plan that Works” for more information about planning and preparing for your organization’s continued success.

NEW! Making Every Hire Count: What
Really Matters To The C-Suite

Although the economy has shown signs of improvement and the unemployment rate has dropped modestly, organizations are still extremely cautious when it comes to hiring.  Profiles International researchers recently conducted a comprehensive review of organizational design and talent management practices to identify over 50 “best practices” in the context of hiring and onboarding new employees. In this report, our latest research is condensed into 10 “lessons” that will help you make every hire count.  Download the full report »


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