Performance coaching can help your business succeed when you encounter these common complaints:

“We just can’t seem to get along.”  
“It’s like we’re speaking different languages.”
“Management just doesn’t understand us.”
“I sometimes feel more like a baby-sitter than a business owner/manager.”

These are common communication issues.  Teams often engage in a tug-of-war, rather than pulling together.  And, subjecting every employee to “communication and sensitivity training” doesn’t seem to improve the situation either.

Tired of endless spending on training and ‘change management’ without results?  Our solutions help you understand your employees and co-workers, and work with them in a way that keeps them motivated, energized and working together more effectively.

Click here for information on how to understand your employees, build more effective teams and avoid many common problems caused by mis-communication with our performance coaching.

Five Critical Management Derailers: Symptoms & Remedies
Why do front-line managers fail, and what can be done to avoid failure? This report elaborates on five critical issues and offers common-sense advice for helping your managers avoid them.
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Why Smart Employees Underperform
We’ve all been there. After an extensive and thorough search for a line manager, one candidate stands out. You hired the qualified individual, only to find there’s a disconnect with the new employee. This report discusses ways to prevent under performance.
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Profiles Managerial Fit™
(PMF) measures critical aspects of compatibility between a manager and their employees. This report offers an in-depth look at one’s approach to learning and six critical dimensions of compatibility with their manager: self-assurance, conformity, optimism, decisiveness, self-reliance, and objectivity.
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