Brand + People®


Your people are THE key differentiator in a marketplace full of identical competitors.®

Brand + People® takes a completely different approach to hiring and employer branding.

In order to understand the Brand + People® difference, it is important to understand two different approaches to how people perform work (see diagrams below).  In both cases, work is performed and people are involved, but the Brand + People® process results in a better outcome and far fewer problems.

Our proprietary process can help any business attract great people and create a stronger employer brand. They become recognized employers of choice that attract top talent in their industry.  They experience far fewer challenges and reduced costs for recruiting, hiring, retention, engagement, turnover, motivation, discipline issues, training, leadership and management development.  They also gain higher per-employee productivity rates, and increased sales and profits, year after year.

Brand + People® is a lot more than pretty pictures, words and websites. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help your people and your brand work together for visible, measurable results.

Brand + People® Takes A Different Approach

In order to understand the Brand + People® difference, it is important to understand two different approaches to how people perform work. In both cases, work is performed and people are involved, but one process – Brand + People® – results in a better outcome and far fewer problems.

The Traditional Approach To Work

Traditional-TasksThe traditional approach to work assembles people around a task in order to perform work. A diverse team of people, often in different places, each of whom performs tasks, based on their area of skill or specialization collaborates towards an agreed outcome.

The traditional team is focused on the outcome, and when it works, it works well.  But sometimes it doesn’t work very well at all.

In the real world of work, individuals often disagree with methods of performing the tasks, lack the ability to perform the tasks properly, have interpersonal conflicts with others on the team and lack consensus about the outcome.  The team can become disengaged with the mission or goals of the organization.  With the traditional approach, companies experience challenges in areas like hiring, turnover, employee engagement, interpersonal conflict, motivation and discipline; and lower productivity and retention rates.

Brand + People® Approach To Work

The Brand + People® approach to work also involves people performing tasks towards a desired outcome. 

The difference is in how those people come to the team; why and how each is placed in their job on that team within the organization, and a process which intelligently brings in and appropriately filters out people for the organization at every level – which in turn creates a market dominating brand.


The Brand + People® organization is a diverse group of people in different places, performing tasks based on their area of proven skill or specializationall of whom are aligned with the organization’s purpose, principles, values, ideals, practices, culture, methods, models and processes before being hired or placed in a position within the organization, and all of whom strongly identify with the organization for those reasons – in order to accomplish an agreed outcome.  This outcome often has clearly identified ambitious goals, with a purpose or vision, around which these people resonate, and with which they generally agree.

Because individuals are carefully hired and selected for their match with the culture and team and their ability to perform in the Brand + People® organization, there are fewer ‘people problems.’  Team members seldom disagree with methods of performing the tasks, can perform the tasks properly, work well with others on the team and have consensus about the outcome.  They are engaged with the vision or goals of the organization, and understand how the tasks they perform are related to an overall desired outcome.  As a result, discipline and motivation are seldom necessary.  This organization has the right people in the right jobs doing the right things for the right reasons – at every level.

Organizations that use the Brand + People® process create powerful employer brands and become recognized employers of choice, attracting the top talent in their industry.  The organization experiences lower costs and far fewer challenges in areas like recruiting, hiring, turnover, retention, training and development, succession issues, leadership development, employee engagement, interpersonal conflict, motivation and discipline; while building higher per-employee productivity rates, with increased sales and  profits, year after year.

A strong brand with great people leads to positive reputation; strong customer preference and loyalty; increased brand equity and recognition; competitive advantage; exceptional customer service and return on investment to shareholders.  With Brand + People®, both your people and your brand work together to create extraordinary results.

Brand+People® Imperatives

  1. People buy experiences delivered by people, not just products and services.
  2. Customers experience your brand through your people. Your people create your brand perception.
  3. Brands are people. People are brands. The brands you buy speak loudly about who you are, how you live and what you believe.
  4. There is an increasing war for talent. Does your brand attract the right talent to your organization?
  5. The people who work for you are just as important as the products and services you sell. They are the touchpoint where your prospects and customers experience your brand, and develop their perception – positive or negative – of your brand.
  6. People are your most important asset and form the foundation of every successful brand. No great brand can be implemented without great people.
  7. Traditional HR/talent management practices and hiring processes do not deliver adequate talent to most companies.  New and different processes must be implemented to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace and 24/7 international competition for talent and customers.
  8. Without the right people, your ability to operate, innovate, deliver and dominate your market is hindered.
  9. Having a set of clear, positive expectations allows your employees to be engaged and perform to their potential.
  10. With the proliferation of social media – personal life is now integrated with business life. Successful brands must leverage this reality.
  11. Most people prefer jobs that are a close match with their abilities, personalities, interests and passions.
  12. People who choose jobs just for the sake of employment, stability or a paycheck will not create an atmosphere of high performance or engagement.
  13. Poor hires result in turnover, negatively impact the bottom line and detract from the company’s brand perception.  A company’s reputation impacts its ability to attract both customers and talent.
  14. Engaged employees take pride and satisfaction in their workplace and require little motivation or management. Does your brand create a sense of pride in your employees, or just generate a paycheck for them?
  15. Remarkable brands cannot function or maintain market position without great people and a strong talent management strategy.
  16. Engaged people bring their brains and hearts – along with their bodies – to work, which creates high energy and innovation. They give the ‘extra’ without being asked.
  17. Without the ability to innovate – your business will lack the ability to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. You will stand still and find it difficult to respond when competitors attack or overtake you.
  18. Top performers look for opportunities with top-performing companies where they can develop their talent. Top performers attract other top performers. Does your employer brand attract top performers from your industry?
  19. If not provided with opportunities to innovate, learn and develop, your top performers will seek challenge and opportunities elsewhere with other innovators and companies in the marketplace.
  20. The company with the best talent and the best brand perception in any marketspace will become the dominant player and achieve brand superiority.
  21. In a world of identical competitors, your brand is your people and your people are your brand.

Amazing creative, dazzling websites and strong PR  are just parts of the equation.

It is critical to “bridge the trust gap” between you and your customers. Consumers want more than just products and services that fulfill their needs.  They want to be a part of something bigger.  Traditional brand development processes only communicate the brand message, but they miss what it takes to deliver the brand to the customer: the right people.

Employer-Branding-ProcessThe company with the best talent and brand perception in any marketspace will become the dominant player and achieve brand superiority.  So, creating a world-class brand that is attractive; that grabs attention and is pervasive; and puts the best talent in place in every area to support it will ensure that your company achieves marketplace, product and thought leadership.Seamlessly integrating your brand strategy with your business model, which overlays your talent management strategy is the formula for success behind Brand + People.   We’ve partnered with the top talent management company in the world, and can provide clients with complete HR consulting services.   We’ll help you every step of the way – from analysis and planning; to vision, design and implementation.

In today’s economy, your people are THE key differentiator in a marketplace full of identical competitors.

What We Don’t Do

Brand + People is not a traditional branding, positioning or marketing process.   Traditional branding is divorced from the people.   The traditional approach is all about the products and services; the words, pictures, websites, packaging and images.  We deliver those things, but they don’t make a market-leading brand.

A brand will succeed or fail at the point of delivery: the people.  In the traditional workplace or company environment, different people come from different places to a common place, and work as a team to accomplish something; to produce a result.  When everyone agrees and it works, it works fairly well.  But when conflict or problems happen, dysfunction occurs.

Who Needs Brand+People?

Employer branding is critically important.   To attract the top talent, you must first be recognized as an employer of choice by the top talent in your industry.  College graduates, recruiters, experts, the media, industry influencers – and high-potential employees must know about you.  It’s a fact: many of the people you want are not looking for a job; they are currently employed.  So being known as a thought leader, in addition to being the most desirable employer of choice and the place where great people work in your marketspace, is the key to being known by the best and brightest talent.  And great people attract other great people.  Your organization must articulate this message at every touchpoint in the marketplace.

Talent Management Is The Key

High potential employees seek opportunities to develop and advance in their careers.  Employers want to identify the right person for the job, make sure they are a perfect ‘fit’ for their position and help them develop in their career.  A smart talent management strategy ensures that your organization will serve its customers well, retain its best employees and maintain high levels of productivity and engagement.  This formula works well, from frontline employee to C-Suite executive.  In bringing your brand to the marketplace, your people ARE your brand and your most important asset.

Talent management must be seamlessly connected to your employer brand.  Brand + People will help you make this all-important connection and build a market dominating brand.