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Start Hiring and Keeping Great Salespeople – Here’s How…

In the ‘old days’ of briefcases and martinis at lunch,  salespeople were often hired using an inelegant technique called ‘throw enough ‘s___’ against the wall and some of it will stick.’

If you don’t know what ‘s___’ stood for, it is a smelly substance found in areas where cows live.   You don’t want to step in it, believe me.  So from this point forward, we’ll refer to this substance as ‘stink.’

The problem with this ‘method’ of sales hiring and motivation is that it treats everyone like ‘stink.’   Unfortunately, the practice is still used today in many sales organizations.

You must hire and keep top-performing salespeople.  They’re like gold.   This article gives you some specific tips and ideas for solving the problems of turnover and under-performance on your sales team.

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