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“Getting the right person into the right position is a challenge.  On Purpose has helped us as a partner in this process, and we have seen great value in the Profiles International assessment tools.”

Don Brown

Operations Manager,  Walker Manufacturing

“My company had a very successful experience with Russ in filling a high profile position. He is thoughtful, perceptive, and a partner in your success.”

Whitney Thomas, President

Foree Tire Distributors



I had the privilege to work with Russ initially through my most recent hiring process with Office Evolution. Russ was exceptional at his thoroughness and drive to find the right candidate for his client Office Evolution.

Since then I have been hired by Office Evolution and now work with Russ on finding quality candidates for our organization. Russ not only excels at directing us with the process, but also infuses his great knowledge of hiring and utilizing assessments in finding the right candidate.

I cannot say enough about how Russ’ professional experience and training is the difference in Office Evolution finding the right candidate at the right time and for the right position. Because of Russ and his process we are a much stronger company.” October 10, 2010

Will Haugerud

VP of Marketing and Business Development, Office Evolution

“Our experiences with Russ have been very beneficial. During one engagement, Russ led the successful search for and recruitment of our current CFO. His meticulous approach to understanding our needs and our culture, then matching this with the capabilities, personal qualities and character of the candidates, made the selection process very efficient and effective.”

“Russ has the ability to expeditiously and effectively facilitate strategic planning sessions resulting in action plans and implementation processes that produce great results. Russ has assisted us with strategy development addressing operational and marketing focused objectives. His contributions to our organization have been lasting.”

“Russ has the experience and character to assist executives as a ‘life coach.’ His energy is contagious and his wisdom is remarkable. He is a wonderful mentor and executive advocate.”

Lee Daniel, III
Chairman, LEED Energy Services Corporation

“Thanks so much for your very valuable advice, literature, method and assessment! The entire hiring process was so much more logical and professional than my previous experiences that I already have confidence in our placement and expect long-term employment.

Without your formula I would have certainly hired several people and wasted many hours of training and squandered untold money on wages filtering through applicants until I found a suitable fit. The time and effort taken to hire the right the first time has paid for itself ten-fold! In fact, I doubt very much that I would have a candidate matched so well by if I had used my old method. I am very satisfied with your service and highly recommend you…to any employer seeking a well-suited match for a position.”

John McGarity
The McGarity Agency Inc.
Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent

“Russ Minary has the rare combination of personality, expertise and character. He not only is a veteran in coaching and assessment services, he provides those services with the highest of integrity and with a charisma that is very appealing and effective.

We have recommended Russ to some of our families for business succession coaching as well as to provide a battery of assessments to help the senior generation determine who would be most capable to handle business leadership in the next generation.

Our firm has also used Russ to help us more effectively hire new staff and assess the combined qualities of the current staff to improve our performance and enjoyment in the workplace.

Russ can help you and your organization rise to a new level of efficiency and success. Using him will be time and money well spent.”

E.G. “Jay” Link
President & CEO
Kardia – Family Wealth Counseling


“Russ Minary’s experience, creativity, management and business acumen has allowed Garrison Everest — through our mutual business partnerships — to innovate, build and launch multiple brands that fuse internal adoption, create distinction, affinity and increase profits.

Russ possesses a “super-power” understanding of business and real-world marketing solutions/tactics that everything he touches – turns to gold. I highly recommend Russ for any project.”

Josh Claflin

President/Creative Director, Garrison Everest

“I would like to highly recommend Russ Minary and his company to anyone looking to hire an employee or sales person.  His assessment service is very informative and “spot on” for personalities and the likelihood of success for the desired job/career. To date, I have recommended Russ to several people and every one of them has had nothing but praise for his services. I think the biggest compliment you can give anyone in the service industry is repeat business. I, and several of my associates, have utilized Russ for hiring decisions on multiple occassions and will continue to do so. After all, a bad hire is just too expensive to leave to chance.”

Kyle Cox

District Manager, Farmers Insurance

“Russ and I met while he was recruiting for a new role with a local organization. He was thorough in representing the role accurately and managing my expectations through the process. Russ uses excellent profiles and assessments to ensure the right fit between candidates and roles for which he’s recruiting. He cares about his clients and desires to do exceptional work for everyone with whom he works. I highly recommend Russ Minary to those seeking to attract the best available talent for open roles.”

Rick Shaum

Vice President – Marketing & Business Development,  Cedrus, Inc.

“I was the Advertising and Marketing Manager at that time.  My job was mainly to support russ’s efforts, both with words of encouragement to the staff and with interaction on my part as deemed necessary.  I introduced russ and usually at the end of each session, said a few closing words.  The whole exercise went very well, from start to finish. This training was totally interactive, with staff being required to do a series of planned exercises.  In my opinion, it went very well.

The staff learned to play to their strengths and ended up having a better idea of the capabilities of fellow team partners.  It gave them a better understanding of what made each team member tick…what buttons not to push and how to more effectively interact with each member of their team individually or the team as a whole.

 Management got a better idea of effective team structuring and where, perhaps future work may be needed.  This helped when trying to determine who should be in the outside sales team, who should be in the inside sales team, telemarketers, support and creative staff team members, etc.  All in all, it provided management with a very effective overview of each individual team and the department as a whole.

Changes were not immediately made, but it provided good HR data for future restructuring.  This process is ongoing.  It also helped to bring management and floor staff closer together and helped to empower staff more than prior to conducting the seminar and evaluations.

 Overall, I believe that the changes will benefit the employees.  They now have a much better understanding of themselves, their strengths, and where their skill sets can best be utilized.  Management ended up with a ton of information that is very useful when trying to understand the staff.” 

Gary Ritchie

Advertising and Marketing Manager, The Royal Gazette

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